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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ritchie Family, The - Quiet Village

It's been called the theme song of 'exotica'. This 1977 track is from their album, "African Queens" on Marlin (T.K.) Records. It was first released on a 7" single and then incorporated into the 4th album. It was composed and produced by Jacques Morali and written by Les Baxter back in 1951. It's an airy tune with an exotic, sensual feel to it; perfect for early/late morning sleaze sets. We're posting several other versions, including the original by Baxter; the Denny cover was quit a hit, as well.

Quiet Village (Ritchie Family - 1977)

Quiet Village (El Coco - 1976)

Quiet Village (Martin Denny - 1959)

Quiet Village (Les Baxter - 1951)


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